Byron's delightful double

Identical 16-year-old twins Bridget (left) and Sophie Thomson play for Byron Bay in the Solahart Women’s Premier competition.

I watch many games of football every week and players start to look the same after a while. This is particularly true for junior teams when boys and girls can be very difficult to distinguish, particularly with my limited eyesight. I am very interested in knowing as many players as possible and fortunately all competitive teams have numbered shirts. Working out who is who can be tricky, especially when I have heard parents calling out support for their own child, only to realise that the blonde headed kid is in fact not “their” blonde headed kid….Whoops!!

Easy mistake to make sometimes and for Gary and Melissa Thomson, this situation has occurred many times. These parents have a legitimate excuse however because they are the parents of identical twin girls. Sophie and Bridget Thomson are two delightfully vibrant young ladies who are part of a unique group of people who are physically identical.

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