meet our new referees

referee_showing_yellow_card Three of our Juniors recently completed their Instructing Referees Course enabling them to referee Small Sided Football games. We are pleased to introduce you to Jackson Saunders, Ethan Archer and Zak Sezer.

Thank you boys for getting involved!

Please encourage and support all our referees, young and old. Without them, we couldn't play football!

Here's a letter from Victor Stokes, Technical Director of FFNC:

Five (5) Instructing Referees Courses were recently conducted, giving us an additional 77 young budding referees qualified to look after our small sided football across the zone. If we are to encourage our young referees then we must make sure that we support them in assisting them throughout the week-end games. Please allow the ‘Instructing Referees’ to perform the role they have be trained to do.

The idea of using instructing referees in Small Sided Football, is not intended to create an environment where coaches and parents yell criticism from the sidelines, directed at either players or these young referees, believing that they will respond to such behaviour? This is “old school” and is not acceptable, has no place in football and thankfully, is nowhere near as common as it was many years ago.

Part of the issue is that many people are not familiar with the Small Sided format, that has been introduced to assist technical development in a manner appropriate to the age of players. Rules exist for SSF, however they are introduced progressively between ages 5 and 11 to assist the development of the players. The size of the fields, size of the ball, number of players on the field at any one time, are all aimed at age appropriate football.

4v4, 7v7, 9v9 are designed to be played on specific smaller sized fields, various sized balls and regulations to ensure more player involvement and opportunity to touch the ball. The temptation is to allow “all” players to be on the field at all times but this is contrary to the very notion of SSF. We would never expect any coach/parent to ask the referee to play an extra player in an 11v11 game simply because they have a few extra players on the bench, therefore, we ask coaches/parents to respect the same principle in a 4v4, 7v7 or 9v9 format.

An excellent summary of everything applicable to SSF is available on the FFNC website link to “OSSF”. Please take the time to read it and understand then you can become part of the journey where we are taking football and join the FFA Football Family. This message has been posted to the FFNC website so please encourage everyone at your club to consider the information provided.

As always, I am available to assist clubs in any way and I look forward to seeing you at a SSF game somewhere around the grounds soon.