14s grand finals


Our two grade 14 teams travelled to Oakes oval pumped up and ready to play football! The 14/2nds took the field and were firing from the start. Cameron, Tane and Yarbirri put plenty of pressure on the Mullumbimby defence and created several great chances. Although dominating the early part of the game Mullumbimby scored against the run of play. Within moments though Byron had equalised and were fired up to add to the score. The Mullumbimby defence was proving harder to break through as the game wore on and the midday heat was taking its toll on the players. Mullumbimby eventually scored again and then added to the tally in the second half to finish the game 5-1. The kids were disappointed but should be proud of their achievement in reaching the grand final in a very tight and even competition. 14-2nds [mainpic]TOP PIC 14/1st Division / THIS PIC 14/2nd Division[/mainpic]

With the heat easing a little the 14/1sts took to the field determined to bring a trophy back to the bay. The boys came with plenty of grand final experience, having made it to Oakes 3 times in their 5 years together. Although player injury and sickness were a worry, an aggressive start saw the Bay 2-0 up after 15 minutes. Alstonville fought back though and with 2 quick goals from corners had levelled the score by half time. The second half saw the injuries taking their toll and with Ronan limping through the midfield and Harry doing the same in the backs scoring again was going to be difficult. A third goal from Alstonville ten minutes from time decided the game and the young rams went down 3-2. A great effort from a depleted side and the boys should be proud of their efforts throughout the season.