The General Manager,

Mayor Simon Richardson

and esteemed Councillors

Byron Shire Council

PO Box 219 Mullumbimby 2482

The Byron Bay Masterplan contains the following recommendations:

“Recreation Ground to focus on local sporting activities, particularly flexible,

informal recreation opportunities.”

“The Recreation Ground should transition to a secondary sporting facility,

which is used for a range of compatible activities for all ages, but with a focus

on children and youth.”

As a major stakeholder in the Recreation Grounds, Byron Bay FC opposes these

recommendations in the strongest possible terms and would like to present the following

arguments in support of the Club’s position.

The Cavanbah Centre

Thanks to design and construction errors and consequent budget shortfalls, the

Cavanbah Centre is seriously flawed as a football venue and an unsuitable ‘home’ ground

for Byron Bay FC.

• After major remediation and drainage works, the playing surfaces are vastly improved,

but drainage is still inadequate (particularly on the two southern fields) and the grounds

quickly become unplayable and dangerous in wet weather.

• There is no seating, shade or weather protection for players or spectators

• The salubrious facilities of the Cavanbah Centre are often inaccessible to players as most

senior/premier division matches are begin at 3pm or later and the Cavanbah Centre

closes its doors before full time.

• The much cruder, raw concrete, change rooms and the small, shared canteen are 80 to

140 metres from the football fields.

• A significant portion of Byron Bay FC’s funding is derived from the Recreation Ground

canteen. At the Cavanbah Centre, the small, shared and ill-equipped canteen is 80 to

100 metres from spectator areas and there is another shop much closer in the main