The women kick off in 2014

We ended last year with a Wednesday evening fitness and training session run by Fitness and Skills Coach, Herick Schuenemann, and we will be re-commencing this on Wednesday 29 January at the Byron Bay Rec Grounds from 5:30-7:00pm. It is open to all ages and all standards so please, dust of your boots (or trainers if you are just determining interest and/or just want to run off a bit of that festive cheer) and join us for what have been great fun sessions.

This training will also start to formulate the squad for the pre-season McMillan Cup tournament so if that sounds like you, please join us for a run.

We are also supported in this by a young French National player, Delphine, who is in Byron on her way to play professionally in the USA, so come and test your skills with one of the world's best.

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more information

If you require any further information please contact me, John McKay at or on 0407650371 (after Jan 25th).