Press: Byron Rams win football final

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Story & photos Eve Jeffery

The Byron Bay Football Club took home the trophy on Saturday night after winning the Men’s Premier League Grand Final at Oakes Oval against the Lismore Thistles 2–1. Byron came out firing and scored straight up before hitting the net again towards half time. Both scoring balls came off the boot of Sam Owens who had a stella match.

The Thistles just didn’t seem as hungry as the Rams on the night and there appeared to be more white shirted players on the field. Spirits were dampened when striker Nathan McCann was sent to the showers with a red card, but as always with football, it’s never over until it’s over.

A penalty to the Thistles’ Matt Weir gave everyone’s heart a little start but in the end, they ran out of energy and time and Byron walked away with the trophy 2–1.

An entirely different result emerged for the Men’s Premier League Reserves when the Thistles won over the Bay 3–1. See tomorrow’s Echonetdaily for all the photos.


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