Junior Presentation Awards

The junior presentation was held on Monday night and it was a great chance for all the players to catch up and celebrate a successful season. Debby was on hand to take photos and she's already posted them up on the Club's Facebook page. A summary of award winners on the night is below:  

Junior coach of the year Brody Leeson
Female Junior Player of the year Tessa Simpson
Male Junior Player of the year Jayden Bambach
Junior Goalkeeper of the year Jeremy Dipple

12 Panthers

Most Improved Jacob Simpson and Max Knott
Team Player Judd Batson and Connor Whitelock
Outstanding Player Zakai Boutkan-Sparkes

13 Wildcats

Most Improved Piper Edmonds
Team Player Salem Edwards and Rainer Congdon
Outstanding Player Eva Salmon

14 Panthers

Most Improved James Coggins
Team Player Alex Kempnich
Outstanding Player Yarbirri Zillig-VanDyke
Coaches Award Jackson Saunders

14 Rams

Most Improved Connor Congdon
Team Player Zak Sezer & Jarrah Brownhill
Outstanding Player Ronan Krarup

15 Wildcats

Most Improved Nakisha Jamieson
Team Player Mia Sharratt
Outstanding Player Nambi Branton
Coaches Award Maia Wright

16 Wildcats

Most Improved Claudine Safajou
Team Player Olivia King
Outstanding Player Maddie Green
Players Player Maddie Green

16 Pumas

Most Improved Holly Mountjoy
Team Player Jana Moser
Outstanding Player Camille Page
Players Player Grace Pattison
Golden Boot Tiana Whyatt

16 Rams

Most Improved Christian Monks
Players Player Rory Wilson
Outstanding Player Luca Young
Coaches Award Harper Hain

16 Panthers

Most Improved Blair Trigger
Team Player Kisane Irwin
Outstanding Player Joel Ashworth
Coaches Award Alistair Page